Licensed Lots

The community at Camp Koinonia is made up of Lutheran Christians who meet the Association’s criteria for membership.

Those who are eligible for membership in the Lutheran Camp Association are invited to apply for a license to use a lot at Camp Koinonia. (Please see Membership for eligibility requirements.)

Licenses to Use are issued for lots that may be used for tenting, RVs, or placement of mobile homes or construction of cabins. We currently have six lots with improvements for sale and one empty lotĀ for which the licenses are available.

Seasonal Lot License Agreements are issued on an annual basis for smaller lots that may be used for tenting or mobile RVs. We currently have no seasonal lots available for license, but interested invidividuals may ask to have their names added to the Seasonal Lot Waiting List.

For more information about licensing a lot or a Seasonal Lot, please contact us at

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