Licenses to Use

Members who are issued a License to Use are able to use their Licensed Lots for tenting, RVs, or construction or placement of a cabin or mobile home (subject to the Association’s Bylaws and Policies & Procedures). 

Members of the Association who hold Licenses to Use (Lot Licensees) are eligible to stand for election to the Association’s Board of Directors. All prospective Lot Licensees must submit a Pastoral Letter confirming that they are active members of a Lutheran church prior to being approved for a license by the Association’s Board of Directors.

Lot Licensees do not own their lots, but they do own any improvements (cabins, sheds or other buildings, fire pits, etc.) that are placed or constructed on them. Upon deciding to leave the Association, Lot Licensees can choose to either remove their improvements from the Camp property or sell them to another individual who qualifies for membership in the Association.  

As per County regulation, all lots that will host a reguarly used living quarters of any type (including RVs and camper vans) must have a holding tank installed prior to use.

Current fees payable to the Association upon taking out this license include:

Lot License Deposit (refundable):     $ 3,000 (one-time)

Lot License Fee (non-refundable):    $ 3,000 (one-time)
Power System Deposit (refundable

      on a straight-line depreciation

            over 40 years):                              $6,000 (one-time)

Annual levies, fees and taxes:            $ 1,200 (average)

Please note that when the improvements on a licensed lot are sold, the amount paid to a current Lot Licensee for his/her improvements is a separate transaction solely between the Lot Licensee and the purchaser of said improvements, and does not include any of the fees that are payable to the Association.

For information on lots that currently have improvements for sale or for empty lots for which the license is currently available, please click here or contact us at

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